Lakeland Activist Q&A: Will Sim

Will Sim, A Cumbrian born Alpinist.

Name, Age, Main activity when not climbing;
Will Sim, 28, skiing, listening to blues music and thinking about climbing!

Your favourite Lake District Route and why?
“The Cumbrian”, beautiful place, amazing line and good name; I spent most of my childhood dreaming about it and when I finally got on it I fumbled the crux but just managed to scrape through!

What climbs keep you awake at night?
Ones without ledges big enough to lie down on!

What’s your worst climbing habit?
When I don’t wear a helmet.

What’s your most treasured piece of kit?
FRCC Scafell, Wasdale and Eskdale guidebook. The old edition. It was my Bible as a kid. “Only the best will succeed, whilst those who only think they are the best will receive good hospital treatment.” If you know what route that is the description of it’s your Bible also.

Which notable climbers would you invite to your dream crag day out?
Probably just my normal climbing partners, which is why they’re my normal climbing partners! Oh, and Joe Brown.

What about the current state of climbing makes you unhappy?
When I go to a climbing wall and they tell me I can’t belay right.

What’s the most important lesson trad has taught you?
That it’s not just about the moves. And that if you wanna get stronger you’d better go bouldering as well…

To what do you owe your climbing mentors?
The knowledge to get started and take it further.

What’s the worst climb you’ve ever done?
I’ve never done a bad climb.

What single thing would improve the quality of your climbing?
Reaching the “flow” state more often and climbing more with nice girls.

Tell us a Lake District secret?
There’s only one lake in the Lake District. Boring one I know! Ok, if there’s no lichen in your eyes when you reach the belay you picked a boring route.

If you could bring something of climbings past back to life, what would it be?
The largeness of the world; I expect not so long ago the world seemed physically bigger – harder to travel around, slower to travel around. Therefore bigger badder adventures were even bigger and even badder. But maybe I’m wrong? Not figured that one out yet.


Will new routing on St Bee’s and Eskdale