Lakeland Activist Q&A: Jonathan Spooner

Jonathan Spooner, 26, Ambleside Local.

What’s your favourite Lake District Route and why?
One Step Beyond E4, Gouther Crag. It climbs an amazing hanging slab which gives you instant exposure as you traverse across and is situated in one of the quieter parts of the Lakes. Rumor has it that it never rains in Swindale too…

What does finding a true trad partner feel like?
Trust and motivation

What words or phrases do you most overuse when tradding in the Lakes?
“Where does the route go” “Bit awkward this”

What climbs keep you awake at night?
Anything in Hodge Close.

What’s your worst climbing habit?
Obsessively chalking all the time

What’s your most treasured piece of kit?
DMM Couloirs 8.0mm Great, light, dry treated ropes with a low impact force. Confidence inspiring.

Which notable climbers would you invite to your dream crag day out?
Pete Whillance for sure. Don’t see many guys cranking out 6b with a fag in their mouth!

What about the current state of climbing makes you unhappy?
People arguing on the Internet and not getting out to do it for themselves.

What’s the most important lesson trad has taught you?
To always try and push your boundaries

To what do you owe your climbing mentors?
At least a Beer…

What’s the worst climb you’ve ever done?
I don’t think I have one! Maybe I’m just good at forgetting all those type 2 fun experiences.

What single thing would improve the quality of your climbing?
Bigger Guns Obviously

If you could bring something of climbings past back to life, what would it be?
Don Whillans. I think the world could use someone with his bluntness.

Tell us a lake district secret?
It’s actually amazing here. We just keep the hard grading and choss rumors going so we have the crags to ourselves 😉

What does the future of climbing hold for you?
More chances to explore the world, climb great routes and share experiences with friends.