Lakeland Activist Q&A: Katy Forrester

Katy Forrester, Super proficient Lakeland all rounder; she ticks trad, boulder, ice, sport and fell routes.

Name, Age, Main activity when not climbing;
Katy Forrester, n+1, being a mum.

Your favourite lake District Route and why?
Blencathra Fell race route. I always have a good time when running it!

What does finding a true trad partner feel like?
Better than sex.

What climbs keep you awake at night?
None of my own…but my daughter Ada can climb out of or over many things so I am always listening out for the sound of her escaping.

What’s your worst climbing habit?
Lacking confidence and not going for it!

What’s your most treasured piece of kit?
My NavLab (Navigation Labrador) who is my shadow and constant companion. Has only put me in the wrong valley once.

Which notable climbers would you invite to your dream crag day out?
My chiropractor friend Matt. We can talk baby daughters and he can make my back straight again!

What’s the most important lesson trad has taught you?
Something good is coming up if you can hold on long enough.

To what do you owe your climbing mentors?
They are my landlords, Ada’s GuideParents and I currently have their Gable guidebook. They also leant me my first rack and I know where their spare key is. I owe them loads! Plus they know all the good fell running trods.

What’s the worst climb you’ve ever done?
Can’t remember. The slog up the hill to some winter climbs might win.

What single thing would improve the quality of your climbing?
More time and good weather

Tell us a lake district secret?
Penrith makes the best fudge.

If you could bring something of climbings past back to life, what would it be?
Not sure. Life moves on

What does the future of climbing hold for you?
Hopefully lots more climbing and running. And really dry summers please!