Gazebo, HVS at Castle Rock by Huw Davies

“Gazebo is one of those routes. If it’s at the top of your grade, and you climb it on a breezy, grey skied day, early in April, it will feel intimidating – the dark wall of rock which forms the meat of the route will demand a go for it attitude which relies on faith that the gear will appear. It does, but often one move beyond where your faith runs out.

If it sits comfortably within your grade band, and you tackle it as the final route on a warm July evening, savouring the crozzolly rock as the sun turns it red, you’ll delight in it and wish it were longer.

I’m lucky enough to live in the Lakes and have developed my climbing here. As a result both the descriptions above are from my climbing career. It’s a good first HVS if you are wall fit and go for it a little. The gear does appear. Warm up on Via Media and Kleine Rinne first.  If you climb HVS – E2 then combining it with Failed Romantic and Green Eggs and Ham will make for a great evening.

And don’t forget a pint at the King’s Head on the way home.”

Check out Gazebo on the Lakeland Gems route card HERE.


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