Charlie Woodburn has climbed extensively across the UK and also putting up hard, bold first ascents on the grit and in Pembroke. Originally from London but now residing in Kendal he has a wealth of rock on his doorstep. Below he chooses his favourite Lakeland Revival route and why it is so special.

The Cumbrian, E5, Esk Buttress

“The Cumbrian.  This is obviously one of the more tricky routes on the Revival list this year so might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However I just had to pick it for several reasons. Firstly it was my first ever route in the Lakes and demonstrated to me just how good the trad climbing in the District really is. Nearly all the trad climbing I’d done in the UK up until then was sea cliff, gritstone or relatively road side cragging, but this flying groove line high on Esk Buttress amongst the high Lakeland hills had a whole new feeling that I’d not experienced before. Far from the madding crowd with no roads in sight the day was spent specifically to do that route. The walk in, the boggy wet feet, the drying out of wet boots in the sun, the beautiful, peaceful setting and the long tired walk out made it a day and a route to remember rather than just tick.
The line is just fantastic too, perfectly placed high and exposed on the headwall. In true lakes style it was fairly wet and dirty but curiously this only added to the interest, it seemed in keeping with the wet and fairly untraveled approach.
If you like your climbing served up all tidy and formulaic this probably isn’t you but if you enjoy things a bit more unconstrained and rough round the edges then this route is the perfect example – like a Cumbrian in fact.”

Check out the Cumbrian on the Lakeland Gems route cards HERE.


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