Emma Twyford is one of Britain’s best female rock climbers and for her it all began in the Lakes. With a vast array of climbing under her belt including flashing the grade of E7 and F8a and redpointing/headpointing E9 and F8b+/c. Her favourite route from the Lakeland Revival this year is Hiddenite E2 at Iron crag, and here is why:

“I love the Lake District, it is so hard to choose just one route when there are so many classics. For me though in recent times Hiddenite at iron crag sticks out as a real intimidating gem and reinforces that nothing in the lakes is a giveaway for the grade. Located in the stunning Thirlmere valley I headed up there with Adam and Nick Wharton to take some pictures for the new guide about 8 years ago.  The walk in is so steep and the start doesn’t have much gear, I thought if I was to fall I’d be taking a tumble back down the hill. But the climbing on it is outstanding with good and well earned gear, this route is a real gem that is a bit more off the beaten track to the usual crags. If you’re looking for a true Lakes E2 that gives you value for money at the grade then this epitomises that perfectly.”

Photo: Nick Wharton


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