The Lake District is perfect for all day challenges and enchainements. It is a great way of getting lots of climbing done and visiting various crags. A major enchainment in the Lake District is “The Classic Rock Day” linking all the routes in the Lakes in the book “Classic Rock” – which was indicated as being harder than the Bob Graham Round! There are many more or you can get creative and make up your own.

If you need some inspiration (and want a free Arc’teryx T-shirt or DMM carabiner in the process) then check out the Lakeland Revival Enchainement routes and stories HERE.

There is something for everyone, see the summary below and click on the links to download detailed route and approach descriptions to print off:

PEASCOD’S LADIES DAY – 5 routes – up to E1

LIVESEY’S LANGDALE DAY – 8 routes – up to E3

WASDALE HEAD ROUND PART 1 & PART 2 – 10 routes – up to VS

THE DOLPHIN DAY OUT (Plus navigation notes HERE) – 4 routes – up to E1




Pete Whittaker and Robbie Phillips recently did an enchainement challenge at Shepherd’s Crag in Borrowdale, climbing all the three star routes at Shepherd’s in a day, equating to 51 stars! If you are thinking that these challenges are not for you or too hard, then think again because Robbie thought the same.

“I’ve never been one for doing these all-day climbing style challenges. I’m more of a wake up late, have a cup of tea, porridge, maybe a cheeky croissant, then mooch on down to the crag. When Pete and I decided to take on this little Lakes challenge of doing all the Three-Star routes at Shepherds Crag, I will admit I was a little nervous. Trad climbing takes time… how the hell am I going to get 27 routes done in a day? …. 27 pitches… that’s basically El Cap!”

However, he finishes by saying,

“What a day out! Since then I’ve had a few more outings doing all-day challenges like this one and has inspired me to take on some harder challenges in the future in this style. I’d recommend anyone to take on the Shephards Crag 3-Star challenge; even if you don’t climb the harder end of the spectrum, just take on what you feel your comfortable with…. I mean, what better way to get loads of top quality Lake District climbing done?” (quote taken from

So why not give it a go yourself… get inspired HERE.

Watch Pete and Robbie take on the three star challenge.



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